Looking for a quick hassle free glow? Visit us for an organic hand airbrushed spray tan. Free of oils, alcohol, and fragrance this is the perfect hypoallergenic option for any skin type. Solutions blended specifically for you to achieve your desired color. Perfect for special occasions as well as a casual tan. Aviva labs products have been featured on Dancing with the Stars, Emmy Awards, Academy Awards, & MTV Music Awards. 


What is a spray tan?  A spray tans color is the result of a dihydroxyacetone reaction on the top layer of your skin that takes 8-12 hours to fully develop. We have a rapid solution that takes ONLY 30 minutes to develop. 

Will I turn orange/streakyNo. Aviva labs solution is carefully formulated to avoid this. 


How long will my tan last? Aviva labs sprays typically last around 2 weeks  

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