Don't let the word "base" fool you! This bed is fierce in tanning and provides amazing color. Similar to our other beds, this one features full body bronzing bulbs, unique curved design to avoid pressure point spots, and reflective mirror technology so you can soak up all of the UV light. Sessions activate directly following purchase and do not expire for up to 3 months (on the first day of that month). $39 + 10% State of Michigan Tanning Tax = $42.90

10 Sessions Level 1 Base Bed

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • After you have selected and purchased your package online, come into the tanning salon located at 11523 Brooklyn Road during business hours to get your glow on. Enter the tanning salon through the side building doors. For further assistance, please don't hesitate to give us a call at (517)592-2221. Our certified tanning technican would be more than happy to advise you!