Many locals to the great Irish Hills area recognize our establishment as an old pet shop and groomer. In November of 2020 (the midst of the great pandemic as we all know it) the Gorrell Mother Daughter Duo, purchased the grounds of 11523 Brooklyn Road. The ladies set forth the design for their space utilizing their own architectural abilities. Carissa, Shaney, Family, Friends, and Professionals worked around the clock at the property for several months. In March of 2021, the space was completely transformed and opened as the home of Radiant Reflections and Your Premiere Properties Brooklyn Office.



Owners, Carissa & Shaney, had a mission in mind when making the decision to plant roots in their hometown, Brooklyn. While the main goal was to allow the duo to work alongside each other in separate industries, it was also the Gorrell's full intentions to create a family friendly, tight knit establishment in the Heart of the Irish Hills to serve additional families (staff and team members), clients, and community members for years to come. 

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